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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

Dear Patients:

Our office has been open since June 15, 2020. We consider the well-being of our patients and staff as our highest priority and it is always best to take sensible precautions during a time like this.

Our staff have all been vaccinated, and we have had no single case of COVID-19 due to our strict protocols. We have an extensive level of cleaning and sterilization between patients for your safety while in-office. I appreciate your efforts in keeping our practice a safer place!

Please note the following in regards to all patient appointments:

We are asking patients who experience any of the following symptoms to self-quarantine and cancel their appointments: fever, shortness of breath, change of sense of smell or taste, runny nose, sore throat, coughing, chest pain, any direct contact with Covid-19 positive individual(s). COVID-19 testing is no longer required for certain procedures for fully vaccinated patients.

We do provide a Virtual Consultation for your convenience: Virtual Consultation if needed, but we strongly recommend taking advantage of our in-person consultations since those are most effective for meeting with Dr. Sheena Kong or Colette Janes.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you to our office!

Kindest Regards,
Dr. Sheena Kong

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Aging is inevitable, but looking old doesn’t have to be. As far as facial aesthetics and youthfulness, the common signs of aging appear here so early on because we quite literally face the world, the sun, and environmental pollutants day in and day out with this most prominent part of our body.

And we often do so with no protection or covering for our face and head. In addition to the elements, gravity is also constantly at work in pulling our facial skin downward.

What is a Facial Fat Transfer With PRP?

Facial fat transfers are a cosmetic procedure done to restore a more youthful, healthy-looking, and attractive complexion to your face by transferring some of your body’s healthy fat to areas of your face that have started to look hollow, gaunt, or aged over time.

In a simple surgical procedure, healthy fat will be harvested from an area of excesses such as the stomach or thighs. This fat will then be carefully purified and injected into strategically selected facial areas where it will do the most good in leaving you looking more youthful and attractive. The procedure can help you look as young as you feel and ultimately restore your self-confidence in your appearance.

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is also derived from your own body. Containing growth factors and stem cells, PRP makes our facial fat transfers in San Francisco even more effective and longer-lasting. As a result, they help your face retain a more significant percentage of the transferred fat, in addition to providing other benefits.

Facial Fat Transfer With PRP Benefits

  • Restores healthy volume to the face
  • Corrects a hollow or gaunt facial appearance
  • Minimally invasive procedure with minimal downtime
  • Increases the retention rate of the healthy fat transferred
  • Natural and uses no synthetic substances or fillers
  • Uses only your own body’s excess fat and platelet-rich plasma
  • Reduces the odds of allergic reaction or your body rejecting the transferred fat

What Does a Facial Fat Transfer With PRP Treat?

Our Bay Area Fat transfers can be done to correct facial volume loss that occurs naturally over time. As we lose healthy fat from our mid and lower face, we often end up looking old, tired, angry, or upset even when we feel the exact opposite. An expertly done facial fat transfer by Dr. Sheena Kong should correct that for you.

Why Does my Face Look Aged, Hollow, or Gaunt?

This occurs due to a loss of collagen and a weakening of the underlying connective tissues of the face. Collagen is a naturally occurring substance in the skin that gives it its structure, firmness, and form. As we get older, the amount of collagen in our skin decreases each year, and our body’s ability to produce it tapers off, causing the skin to sag, droop, and lose form. Gravity also contributes heavily to the aged look of the face.

Facial Fat Transfer With PRP Versus Dermal Fillers

There are countless dermal fillers on the market that can be injected into the skin of the face to increase volume, giving a younger, smoother appearance. And while many of these are formulated to look and feel as natural as possible, you can't get any more natural than fat that has been harvested from your own body. Our facial fat transfer treatment in the Bay Area also leads to vascularity and collagen synthesis within the skin. This regenerative benefit of fat transfer is an essential factor in achieving long-term volume restoration and youth.

Your Most Natural Option for Facial Enhancement

Half of woman's face

Even though injectable dermal fillers are a non-surgical procedure, they still introduce a foreign substance into the body and are associated with minimal risk of rejection, which is further mitigated when your fat is used. In addition, dermal fillers are not stable, and they are slowly reabsorbed by your body once injected. Furthermore, for patients who need a large filler volume, the initial cost and maintenance treatments could be costly. Dr. Kong's facial fat transfer with PRP procedure provides an excellent option for patients seeking a long-term solution to restore their youthful appearance.

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Facial Fat Transfer San Francisco
Facial Fat Transfer San Francisco
Facial Fat Transfer San Francisco

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