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Enhance What Nature Gave You

We are born with a genetic code that dictates our facial structure, body shape, skin color and texture, eye shape, and all the details that make us unique human beings.

Thankfully, advanced aesthetic technologies and state-of-the-art treatments make it possible to significantly improve on what nature gave us – maintaining the fresh, vital appearance of youth and achieving a more ageless beauty. To enhance your natural beauty visit board-certified & Harvard-trained Dr. Sheena Kong's med spa SF clients just can't get enough of it!

Welcome to the Cosmetic Practice of Dr. Sheena Kong

Dr. Sheena Kong

What's New in Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Sheena Kong

Introducing the latest social media trend for facial rejuvenation, Dr. Sheena Kong now offers EmFace by BTL. For those looking for an alternative to Botox or Fillers, EmFace enhances one's natural look without needles. Contact our office to learn more about this revolutionary facial treatment!

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Thankfully, advanced aesthetic technologies and state-of-the-art treatments make it possible to significantly improve on what nature gave us—maintaining the fresh, vital appearances of youth and achieving a more ageless beauty.

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For those who seek body contouring, but don't wish to go through surgery, Dr. Sheena Kong is proud to offer CoolSculpting. This award-winning treatment is designed to reduce unwanted fat deposits and help you achieve a slimmer look. Find out more.

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Using ultrasound energy, Dr. Sheena Kong's Ultherapy treatment combats the signs of aging by lifting, tightening, and toning the skin around your face and neck. Ultherapy is non-surgical and provides some of the best, natural-looking results. Find out more.

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" Beauty simplified. That's confidence."

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Signature Treatments

Thermage Eyelid & Ultherapy

As we age, the skin of our faces naturally begins to lose collagen and decrease in volume. This can result in eyelids that are noticeably wrinkled, bags under the eyes giving a tired appearance, and sagging upper lids that make the eyes appear smaller and, in extreme cases, even interfering with vision. Using Thermage Eyes' smaller, pin-point accuracy, Dr. Kong can target the delicate areas around the eyes that develop signs of aging over the years. In addition, supplemental Ultherapy treatments to further enhance & elongate the effects from Thermage. You can count on Dr. Kong's San Francisco medical spa to deliver some of the best results from Ultherapy San Francisco has to offer.


Clear & Brilliant + PRP

Laser facials have long been the gold standard when it comes to looking and feeling your youthful best, but unfortunately, depending on the depth of the treatment, they may lead to unpleasant side effects that resemble a sunburn for several days after the treatment, before the skin regenerates to look its best again. This is why Dr. Sheena Kong has developed her own personal favorite combination of using a milder laser called the Clear and Brilliant laser treatment, in conjunction with rounds of platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections after the Clear & Brilliant treatments to further stimulate your body's natural healing process. See why her patients come back for some of the best results from clear and brilliant San Francisco patients can rely on.


CoolMini + Kybella

In the realm of double chin reduction, two treatment options stand out above the rest: the CoolMini, a variation on CoolSculpting technology; and Kybella, an injectable medication that mimics the body's natural process for breaking down and eliminating fat cells. Utilizing the proven, effective technology of CoolSculpting, the CoolMini harnesses that same technology, but for smaller areas like under the chin. Dr. Kong approaches double chins with a combination method of using CoolMini and Kybella injections to non-surgically & naturally remove excess fat cells under the chin. Visit Dr. Kong's SF San Francisco med spa for some of most beautifully resulting necklines from Kybella San Francisco has to offer.

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Dr. Sheena Kong

Artistry in Action: Dr. Sheena Kong

Dr. Sheena Kong has chosen cosmetic enhancements as her life's work, and she has a passion for helping her clients achieve the fresh, vital appearance of youth.

She has garnered respect from peers in her field for her impressive artistry and skill in creating natural-looking results. Modern technologies and treatments bring better results in a shorter time frame. Dr. Kong has sought out the most advanced technologies to sculpt, shape, and rejuvenate the face, neck, and body, and offers these minimally-invasive treatments to her patients at arguably the best med spa San Francisco has to offer.

Whether you are haunted by a sagging facial skin, a double chin that no diet or exercise seems to resolve, or you have developed lines...


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"I saw improvement immediately following treatment around my eyes, jawline and the jowls around my mouth. Subtle yet enough to receive compliments on my appearance. The best part is the magic continued to turn back the clock 10+ years!!!"

"I just had my first treatment of Fraxel from Dr. Kong and very pleased with the treatment. Dr. Kong gave me the detailed instruction for pre and post treatment care of the skin. I was a little apprehensive about the procedure since I am Asian and have seen skin pigmentation on other people post-treatment. I also had a test done on my hand which was quite painful at another clinic. I wouldn't say the treatment was not painful, but not as bad as I imagined since I took some pain meds ahead of time and had the numbing cream on for over one hour. Dr. Kong was very kind and thorough. I highly recommend her!"

"I like Dr. Kong. She is a competent and caring doctor. I went to her for a procedure. Now with a flat and tight abdomen, I am very happy with the result. Dr. Kong has an artistic eye and she is also quite fashionable — a modern female doctor. I am glad that I made the right decision then to have laser liposuction by Dr. Kong."

"I went to Dr. Sheena Kong for Thermage skin tightening on my eyes, face and neck. Dr. Kong has the latest Thermage CPT system. The treatment was comfortable even though it was pretty long, about two and a half hours. My skin glowed after the treatment. I am pretty happy with the result. Now that it has been eight months after the Thermage, I have been getting lots of compliment on my skin. Thanks to Dr. Kong and her staff for making me young again at age of 69."

"I am SOO impressed with my experience with Dr. Kong. The reception area and staff is comfortable and very polite. I've been in many San Francisco medical spas that do so little to make their patients feel like they are in a clean, comfortable space while waiting for their visit. I initially went in for Juvederm and was so impressed with her attention to my specific area requests, I left the office with another appointment for Fraxel! It's been a few months now and am still very happy with my choice to go with Dr. Kong. Can't wait to see how this next treatment goes!!"

Your future starts now

Your feelings of confidence, wellbeing, and empowerment hinge on how you feel about yourself – including the appearance of your face, neck, and body. At our med spa in San Francisco, we set our sights on five, ten, and fifteen years into the future. Every procedure and treatment is selected to help our clients look better and younger for many years to come, rather than just achieving short-term results.

We are different in our approach to aesthetic enhancements, and have chosen a spectrum of leading edge technologies that are minimally-invasive, require less downtime, and create remarkable, natural-looking results. Time to improve skin texture, or turn back the clock with anti-aging techniques that work? We are here to help you have a brighter, fresher appearance for years to come.

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