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For both male and female patients alike, hair loss is often an unwelcome and embarrassing sign of age. And while no one expects to deal with this problem until well into middle age, hair loss has been known to occur in individuals as young as the twenties or thirties. A receding hairline and thinning hair leaves many people feeling self-conscious, as their outward appearance no longer matches the youth and vitality they feel inside.

Dr. Sheena Kong's extensive background in internal medicine prior to her cosmetic practice has given her a deep knowledge of, and respect for the body's own regenerative processes. This is why so many of the nonsurgical aesthetic solutions she offers are focused on harnessing the body's natural healing capabilities. For hair restoration, she often recommends a combination of nano fat transfers and the injection of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

PRP Hair Restoration

Stem Cells Found in Fat Tissue

The various uses for stem cells have long been discussed in medical literature. While most cells in the human body are programmed to fulfill one function by becoming a particular type of cell, stem cells are those which have not yet been "programmed" and are therefore still capable of becoming any type of cell. Stem cells are found in hair follicles and are an integral aspect of hair generation. Adipose tissue, more commonly known as fat, contains a high concentration of regenerative stromal cells.

While nano fat transfers (small transfers of fat harvested in one part of the body and injected into another) are often used to provide more volume where needed, this isn't the only use of a nano fat graft. As the restorative properties of stem cells can be used to generate new hair, small transfers of fat to the scalp can be used to combat hair loss.

San Francisco Hair Restoration Treatment

When you choose Dr. Sheena Kong to assist you in combating hair loss, you have the benefit of her experience in her cosmetic practice, as well as her background practicing internal medicine. While other practitioners may be concerned only with the results you'll see next week, Dr. Kong's priority is doing what's best for you and your body, both now and for years to come. You'll never be passed off to a nurse for your consultation or treatment; Dr. Kong herself will meet with you individually every step of the way for the VIP care and attention that you deserve.

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