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Nutrafol supplements are a new type of "nutraceutical" support that goes well beyond existing vitamin and mineral supplements to nourish hair. Nutrafol is a nutritional supplement that targets the main causes of hair loss before these factors take hold. Factors that most often contribute to hair loss include:

  • Aging. The aging process causes a steady deterioration in cell functioning in just about every area of the body, and the hair is no exception. The rate at which our hair grows steadily decreases as we get older, so lost hair is replaced more slowly, or not at all. The loss of collagen in the skin that occurs with age is also thought to have an impact on hair loss and regeneration.
  • Genetics. Though scientists have yet to develop a complete understanding of all the genetic markers causing hair loss, it is known that genes are often a contributing factor in why some individuals experience hair loss earlier and at a faster rate than others.
  • Hormone Imbalances. The concentrations of different hormones shift as we age, and these changes have an impact on hair loss and growth. One of the most influential hormones for hair is dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which affects both genders, but impacts males at a higher rate.
  • Stress, inflammation, free radicals, etc. Any number of factors, both within an individual and occurring in the environment, can cause changes in the body that lead to accelerated hair loss.

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Nutrafol Supplements San Francisco
Nutrafol Supplements San Francisco
Nutrafol Supplements San Francisco

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