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Over time, cells containing the pigment melanin can slowly build up under the surface of the skin, mostly due to prolonged sun exposure. These melanocytes cause freckles and other dark blemishes on the skin, commonly known as age spots or sun spots. Some patients have discolored birthmarks, or experience discoloration to the face and other areas as the result of various hormonal changes.

Many patients are displeased with the level of pigmentation that develops in their skin over time, and there are several treatments available, from depigmentation creams applied to the face to chemical peels that remove damaged skin and encourage the regeneration of new, healthy skin cells. However, none is as effective or precise as laser therapy in reducing the appearance of areas of hyperpigmentation.

How Lasers Can Be Used to Reduce Hyperpigmentation

Light-based therapies have long been an asset to the realm of nonsurgical cosmetic interventions, and lasers have proven to be effective in treating a variety of skin conditions. Favored by Dr. Sheena Kong for precision treatments, the lasers used to address hyperpigmentation specifically target the melanin in the cells, leaving healthy cells unharmed. Laser pulses draw the melanin out to the surface of the skin, causing some patients to notice an initial increase in pigmentation immediately following treatment. It will then dry and peel off, being shed through the skin, leaving clear, fresh, healthy skin in its place.

Laser Resurfacing San Francisco

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With a background in internal medicine, Dr. Sheena Kong has a detailed understanding of the body, both inside and out, that she uses to inform her cosmetic practice. Unlike practitioners whose sole focus through their entire careers has been aesthetic solutions, Dr. Kong has a depth of medical knowledge that allow her to more fully understand how any procedure will interact with the body. She'll work one-on-one with you to craft a treatment plan that will keep you feeling great, not just next week, but for the years to come. Contact us today and schedule a consultation for one of the best treatments of laser resurfacing San Francisco has to offer.

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Laser Pigmentation Removal San Francisco
Laser Pigmentation Removal San Francisco
Laser Pigmentation Removal San Francisco

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