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One of the most exciting innovations in cosmetic technology, our San Francisco NovaThreads not only lift sagging skin and tissue, they trigger your skin’s natural regenerative processes. The tiny, absorbable threads stimulate collagen growth for younger, fresher-looking skin. Talk to Dr. Sheena Kong about this new treatment and how it can lift sagging skin on face and neck – without invasive surgery.

Anti-Aging Treatment with NovaThreads in the Bay Area

Imagine facial rejuvenation without surgery – it is now possible. The tiny threads are naturally absorbed over the next four to six months, with no scarring. Your facial skin has a gentle reaction to these tiny threads, working to repair the tissue around it by producing more collagen, the naturally-occurring substance that gives skin structure and firmness. Nothing is more beautiful than naturally firm skin – and this innovative treatment delivers.

Nova Thread San Francisco

Should I Try NovaThreads?

If you are tired of seeing sagging facial skin and loss of definition in your jawline due to loosening skin, we urge you to find out more about this painless, fast, non-surgical facial enhancement. You are likely a good candidate for this innovative treatment if you are living with any of the following conditions:

  • Drooping, aged-looking facial skin
  • Saggy jawline lacking definition
  • Wrinkled, creased, and droopy neck skin
  • Creased, wrinkled facial skin
  • Sagging cheek tissue

Advanced Facial Rejuvenation Treatment for Neck and Jawline

While facial fillers and BOTOX can create smoother facial skin, the neck and jawline were, in the past, more difficult to resolve. In the past, only surgical intervention could tighten this area and restore the firm, tight, defined look that signals youth. Our Bay Area NovaThreads are particularly effective in this area and can firm and tighten jawline and sagging neck skin.

How Does the NovaThreads Procedure Work?

This treatment is both fast and easy and does not involve incisions that can leave unsightly scars. The tiny, absorbable threads are injected from pre-loaded sterile needles. The threads act as a “scaffold” to hold your facial tissue in place – where it should be, rather than the droop and sag that comes with aging skin.

How Does the NovaThreads Treatment Feel?

The procedure has a sensation similar to dermal filler or BOTOX injections and is easy to tolerate, as you will have a topical numbing ointment applied prior to treatment for your comfort. The PDO threads remain in place, delicately lifting your tissues while stimulating the body to produce more collagen. Restore the youthful V-shape” – the standard of a beautiful facial structure.

The NovaThreads Difference

Earlier types of thread lifts led to various problems that have been resolved with this advanced lifting procedure. The fact that the threads are completely absorbable is the secret behind how well the procedure works.

How Long Will a NovaThreads Treatment Last?

The results of your “lunchtime facelift” are long-lasting. Every person is different in the degree of sagging and other signs of aging, but typical results last for six months to eighteen months – or even longer. Older forms of thread lifts did not use dissolvable, absorbable materials and had varied results. Used in combination with other treatments, we can help you turn back the clock and rejuvenate your face and neck. Contact our office for more information and schedule a consultation today for one of the greatest novathreads San Francisco has to offer.

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