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Dr. Sheena Kong also provides a new treatment called CoolMini in San Francisco. CoolMini has just received FDA indication for removal of submental fat (neck fat, double chin), distal thigh fat (fat on the front of the knees), and axillary fat pads (small bulge in front of armpit). CoolMini works in the same fashion as other San Francisco Coolsculpting treatments, except that it treats a smaller area of fat. In just one hour, CoolMini can reduce one's double chin, chubby knees and any unwanted bra bulges or armpit fat, without needles or downtime. The results will be seen beginning 3 weeks after the treatment, with final results at 3 months after the treatment. After CoolMini, the treated area will feel numb and slightly tender for a few weeks. Swelling will be very minimal. The patient shall be able to resume all normal activity without any restriction. By removing the fat nonsurgically, Dr. Kong's San Francisco CoolMini treatment will rejuvenate neckline contour without causing any loose skin. Patients with medium to moderate amount of neck under the chin will most likely require 2 CoolMini treatments. Dr. Sheena Kong has been featured on ABC channel 7 news for her Inside Out Neck Lift, which is a minimally invasive neck lift laser procedure. But for patients who prefer a noninvasive approach, Dr. Sheena Kong highly recommends CoolMini.

For patients who are not ideal candidate for Coolsculpting Coolmini treatment, Dr. Sheena Kong offers Kybella treatment. Kybella is the first FDA approved injection to reduce the neck fat. The treatment leads to the lysis of fat cells, which will then be eliminated by the body. Results are long lasting and permanent. The best candidate for Kybella will be patients with mild to moderate or even large amount of neck fat with good skin elasticity in the neck. Most patients with moderate size of neck fat will require an average of two treatment sessions at least about 4 to 6 weeks apart. Patients with a larger neck size will require more treatment sessions up to an average of 4 sessions. Results are seen in one month after the treatment. There is a considerable amount of swelling and possible bruising lasting about 3 to 4 days after the injection. Please click here to read our blog on Kybella versus Coolmini. For consultation and treatment of Kybella, please call 415-673-7600 or contacting Dr. Kong via form.

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