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We're all familiar with the signs of an aging face: wrinkles, bags under the eyes, hollow cheeks, and loose, sagging skin. Any of these symptoms of aging can be traced back to two main factors: the decrease of collagen present in the skin over time, and the gradual loss of tissue volume that occurs as we age. Collagen gives the skin its structure and firmness, so as it decreases, our skin begins to sag and wrinkle, losing the tightness of youth. As we lose fat and tissue volume, the facial features are no longer as "full" or plump as they were in our earlier years, accentuating a loose, droopy effect.

Because these two factors together are responsible for the signs of aging in the face area, the majority of nonsurgical treatments to target wrinkles and loose skin are aimed at strengthening collagen and/or replacing lost volume. By combining a San Francisco Fraxel laser treatment to stimulate collagen growth with a nano fat transfer to replace lost volume, you can address both factors that lead to a wrinkled, aging face for long-lasting, dramatic improvements. Dr. Sheena Kong offers this effective, signature combination at her med spa in San Francisco. Make sure to ask her about this combination during your consultation if you are looking to erase signs of aging.

Fraxel Laser & Nano Fat Transfer in San Francisco

Fraxel Laser Technology

Fraxel treatments utilize an extremely precise laser to specifically target microscopic areas of damaged skin, allowing the lasers to pinpoint the old, damaged skin cells while leaving healthy ones unharmed. In the areas targeted, heat from the laser stimulates new collagen growth and the regeneration of new, younger skin at every level. Some patients notice an almost immediate improvement in their skin, but the most significant results will appear in the weeks following the treatment, as the deepest layers of the skin regenerate and regrow.

The recovery experience following a Fraxel laser treatment is fairly comfortable, with immediate after-effects often described as comparable to a mild sunburn. Any redness and discomfort will dissipate over the course of the next few days.

One-On-One Treatment in the Bay Area

When you choose Dr. Sheena Kong to help you achieve your aesthetic goals, you will be working directly with her, one-on-one, at every step: no nurse practitioners or interns, just the doctor's undivided attention and care.

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SelfE is a free app that recognizes and analyzes symptoms of facial aging and provides feedback on how one can take the proper steps towards rejuvenating their skin.

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Fraxel Laser & Nano Fat Transfer in San Francisco
Fraxel Laser & Nano Fat Transfer in San Francisco
Fraxel Laser & Nano Fat Transfer in San Francisco

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