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Artificial Intelligence Enters The World of Anti-Aging

Evaluating the success of a skincare treatment, changes in skin quality, or the improvements achieved by a cosmetic procedure can be difficult, as changes appear over time. In the past, evaluating facial volume, skin firmness, or sun damage were almost impossible to track – until the release of the SelfE app.


SelfE is an app powered by artificial intelligence, developed to recognize and analyze the symptoms of facial aging and present the most effective solutions. By using the SelfE's = Face Journal feature, users can personally track the effects of a skin treatment or skincare regimen over time. The SelfE app also makes mini-movies from multiple portraits to provide rich, engaging content, that directly demonstrates changes (e.g. improvement in skin tone or texture). Artificial intelligence based guidance is provided in the app on the basis of analysis of multiple portraits, indicating which products or treatments might prove most beneficial. This app provides the users with a multimedia journal for recording and reviewing their face over time for any type of treatment/skin regimen that they are using.


Dr. Kong is highly trained and certified in the administration of Botox Cosmetic and dermal fillers. She was recognized with a Blue Diamond Award by Solta Medical as a top provider of the Thermage, Fraxel laser, Clear + Brilliant treatments and Ultherapy. Dr Kong is also a top provider for Dual Coolsculpting and Smartlipo Triplex. In addition, she has been recently awarded as the "Ultra" top provider for Ultherapy.

Understanding Facial Aging

SelfE App was created based on an original concept envisioned by Dr. Sheena Kong, who wanted to help her clients better understand all aspects of individual facial aging. Users can personalize a beauty treatment plan and analyze all facets of facial aging. The app can be accessed after a facial, exercise or yoga, or to aid in selecting the most effective treatment prior to a social event. The app delivers customized information about the effects a skincare treatment, exercise, or makeup, and how a treatment or cosmetics will impact beauty in real time.

Artificial Intelligence Meets Aesthetics

From a technology perspective, SelfE is an exciting app. It was developed with cutting-edge artificial intelligence facial symptom characterization, combined with state-of-the-art visualization and analysis. SelfE was created by a team of talented and creative engineers and experts in artificial intelligence.

All the information including all photos that upload on the app are private and confidential. None of the functions performed by the app are shared. The facial analysis performed by the app function as a guideline in the facial aging process and to track and analyze the results of anti-aging treatments. Consultation with a trained and licensed skincare professional is a logical next step to treat the facial aging issues revealed by the app.

Key Facial Features Evaluated by SelfE

  • SYMMETRY: Facial symmetry and ratios is an aspect of beauty considered from the ancient Greeks though Da Vinci to the present day. SelfE helps identify any asymmetry, and visually present golden ratios associated with eyes and lip shape. These can be easily corrected with makeup or minor cosmetic facial treatments.
  • VOLUME: Facial volume, in particularly mid-face volume, decreases with age. This is a result of bone remodeling and facial fat loss or redistribution. SelfE identifies facial volume loss and helps the users to incorporate volume replenishment as a vital aspect in an anti-aging treatment plan.
  • FIRMNESS: Loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid leads to loss of skin firmness and skin thickness. This leads to a tired, aged appearance as jowls appear and the jawline loses its youthful definition. SelfE can help monitor and pinpoint facial areas of skin laxity, so that the user can take immediate action to prevent or correct the problem with treatments as simple as a skincare regimen.
  • SUN CARE: The sun, glorious as it is, takes a toll on skin quality, along with dehydration and time. These changes occur slowly, making the damage difficult to pinpoint and manage. SelfE gives you instant feedback, so you can see the changes as they develop, helping you manage sun exposure and be aware of how it is impacting the quality of your skin.
  • AGE MARKERS: SelfE recognizes age through evaluating specific facial characteristics. It uses this knowledge to inform users of the indicators of age by highlighting areas that it recognizes as being associated with an age range (e.g. "signs of the thirties").

Track the Symptoms of Facial Aging with SelfE.

The app tracks a range of facial aging symptoms, including:

  • Forehead lines: Wrinkles and creases appearing on the forehead due to chronic sun exposure or facial expressions.
  • Eye Bags, dark hollows: These facial issues are the result of thinning skin around the eyes.
  • Puffy eye bags: Comes about as the facial fat pad beneath the eyes move forward and downward.
  • Crow’s feet: Wrinkles and lines appear near the eyes as skin thins, typically associated with sun exposure.
  • Smile lines: The deep lines between nose and mouth that appear when smiling.
  • Upper lip lines: Vertical lines around the upper and lower lips that appear due to excessive sun exposure or smoking.
  • Side cheek lines: lines at the corners of mouth or on the side of lower cheeks.
  • Lower mouth lines: also called "marionette lines" extending from corners of mouth to the jowls and into chin.
  • Jowls: Sagging skin and tissue along the jawline.
  • Neck lines: Horizontal neck lines due to skin laxity or fat deposits on the neck.

Scoring Individual Facial Aging

Scores are generated based on algorism specific for an aging feature. They are ranged from Excel!!! as a perfect score, through Great to Good, and then to Fair.

Notes Feature

The user can add notes to record a new skincare treatment or to track the results of a specific cosmetic procedure. One may also use notes to record the success of a customized beauty plan recommended by a skincare professional.

Mini-Movie Feature

The user can make a mini-movie from multiple images taken. This provides a better visualization experience to see changes over time. This will be in mp4 video which the user might choose to share with other users.

AI Based Guidance

Diagnostic guidance is provided to user based on the analysis of multiple portraits. This is specific to each positive facial symptoms as well as address specific attention to the aspect of facial volume, skin firmness and suncare. If you wish to learn more about SelfE Face Analysis, visit Anokai today and download the app.

Discover SelfE

SelfE is a free app that recognizes and analyzes symptoms of facial aging and provides feedback on how one can take the proper steps towards rejuvenating their skin.

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