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Dr. Sheena Kong offers EMSCULPT in San Francisco – a revolutionary technological advance in body sculpting. Many of our patients are physically fit but unhappy with the lack of muscle mass in the buttocks. The EMSCULPT system is a groundbreaking, effective treatment to create more rounded, lifted, shapely buttocks or bring firm definition and tone to your abdominal muscles, and a tighter, firmer, more athletic look. The treatment has been found to be effective in restoring “split” abdominal muscles, bringing back strength and support to the muscle structure.


EMSCULPT is an FDA-cleared body sculpting device that uses high-intensity, focused electromagnetic energy to trigger deep muscle contractions – contractions you could not achieve during even the most vigorous workout. The treatment has the added benefit of imploding excess fat cells lingering on abdomen or buttocks, while building the strength and volume of muscle fibers for a defined abdomen or a rounder, more attractive derrière.

How Does EMSCULPT Work?

The EMSCULPT procedure triggers 20,000 muscles contractions in a session lasting just 30 minutes. This intense muscle workout would be impossible to achieve with sit ups, yoga, or any other form of exercise. The intense muscle pulses cause a natural chemical release that signals fat cells to break down and die, after which they are naturally shed by the body as waste. The muscles thicken, strengthen, and firm for a dramatic improvement in shape and form. The final result from about four sessions with EMSCULPT is similar to what you could achieve with regular, intense exercise and a strict diet for about a six-month stretch.

EMSCULPT San Francisco

Am I a Candidate for EMSCULPT?

If you consistently work out, eat a healthy, nutritious diet, and you are still unable to achieve the level of definition you envision for your abdominals, or exercise and diet have left you with buttocks that are flat, small, or less rounded and attractive than you want, our SF EMSCULPT treatments could be the perfect answer for you. Imagine achieving the six-pack look that has evaded you, no matter how many sit-ups you do, or finally having a perfectly-formed butt.

EMSCULPT with Dr. Sheena Kong

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What areas can be treated with EMSCULPT?

Our Bay Area EMSCULPT treatment is been extensively tested and proven to achieve results you can see and feel within a week or two. Rather than waiting months for your sculpting results to appear, you can choose the firming, tightening, body-sculpting method for faster gratification, and a body that looks amazing.

Because EMSCULPT technology uses HIFEM, or “high-intensity focused electromagnetic” waves, it can reduce cellulite and wrinkles while simultaneously building muscle and speeding the fat burning process for greater muscle definition. EMSCULPT brings a multitude of benefits for those who want a more sculpted body, with fat burning, toning, lift, and tightening. While it is officially FDA-approved to tighten and lift the buttocks and abdomen, it is effective on all of the following body areas, building muscle mass and improving your body’s fat metabolism:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Triceps (upper arms)
  • Biceps
  • Thighs
  • Calves
Emsculpt Applicator

Recovery After EMSCULPT Treatments

There is literally no recovery time associated with EMSCULPT treatments. Most patients report they feel as if they had engaged in a vigorous workout, with some muscle soreness, while others have no residual sensation at all. In either case, the recovery is pleasant and does not require any special actions on your part. Once complete, you are free to go about your day as usual.

When Will I See Results?

Results become visible within two to four weeks and continue to improve as the weeks pass. Expect to see better muscle definition, and experienced improved strength and endurance in your workouts. To achieve the most out of your treatments, eat healthy and continue your regular exercise regimen. Your abdominals will feel and look leaner, tauter, and more toned due to the deep muscle workout achieved with EMSCULPT treatments.


Is EMSCULPT Painful?

The treatment feels unusual, but not particularly painful. Expect a slightly weird sensation, but not uncomfortable as your deeper muscles contract at a rate they could not possibly perform without this treatment. When the abdominals are addressed, you will be able to see the muscles lift and contract as the treatment progresses.

What is the Average Cost of EMSCULPT Treatments?

Each person has a customized EMSCULPT treatment. A series of four treatments is recommended, and some patients choose more. Dr. Sheena Kong is among the leaders in body sculpting in the San Francisco area, and performs all treatments herself. Your EMSCULPT treatment will be customized to match what you hope to achieve, whether a firmer, tauter, more defined abdomen, a lifted, rounded, more attractive derrière, or a deep muscle workout to restore muscles that have weakened and split due to age or pregnancy. Dr. Kong offers financing so you can have your treatment with easy monthly payments. Schedule a private appointment for more information – you will be glad you tried this incredible body-firming treatment.

Are EMSCULPT Treatments Safe?

This FDA-cleared device has led to no reported adverse events and is safe and effective. Some people are not good candidates for EMSCULPT; these are those with metal rods or devices within the body, such as a pacemaker. It should not be performed when you are pregnant. Other than these few circumstances, any person should be a candidate for this groundbreaking muscle-building, fat reducing treatment.

What Does EMSCULPT Feel Like?

You will simply be lying comfortably, relaxing on a treatment bed for your procedure. A specific EMSCULPT workout protocol will be selected, based upon what you want to achieve. The sensation you experience is unique, feeling like a subtle tightening of the targeted muscles, along with a tingling sensation. The intensity of the contractions is flexible, starting slowly and then progressing to more extreme contractions. The treatment then progresses to the process to flush out toxins and lactic acid in the muscles, which was released in the earlier phases. The entire treatment takes about 30 minutes, with four sessions scheduled several days apart. Some patients choose to undergo a second set of EMSCULPT treatments, once they see the remarkable changes in body shape that can be achieved.

EMSCULPT in the Bay Area

If you are intrigued about what can be achieved with EMSCULPT treatments, we invite you to visit our private anti-aging, skin and body rejuvenation center. Dr. Sheena Kong can show you the device and explain how it works, and what it could do for your body. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation for arguably the best treatment of EMSCULPT San Francisco has to offer.

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EMSCULPT San Francisco
EMSCULPT San Francisco
EMSCULPT San Francisco

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

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