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You are a unique individual. Your age, genetic makeup, skin quality, and personal concerns are all individual to you – and when you seek improvements or enhancements, Dr. Kong believes you deserve personalized, individual service. All consultations, appointments, and cosmetic treatments are administered by Dr. Kong directly or under her direct supervision. Your face or body enhancement is important, so careful, exacting delivery of the correct treatments should produce the results you envision for yourself.

Many of the patients who come to our Medspa have concerns about maintaining a more youthful appearance, or restoring the fresh glow of youth. As a board certified doctor of internal medicine, Dr. Kong looks to the long term when treating her patients.

Become an Educated Patient

You deserve to understand everything about your procedure, what to expect, and how to maintain and preserve the health and beauty of your face and body. Dr. Kong takes the time to fully educate each individual patient, and to provide a range of solutions that will help them preserve the fresh, supple look and feel of youth for years into the future, rather than achieving short-term, limited results.

The Most Recent Developments in Face and Body Enhancements

Dr. Kong will work directly with you to help you improve on what nature gave you. Your DNA, ethnicity, and age all impact your appearance -- and how aging will alter your appearance. People in the past could only rely upon invasive surgeries to restore and rejuvenate, but the latest generation technologies make it possible to achieve results without the need for invasive surgery. Laser treatments, light therapies, facial fat transfer with PRP, and many other options are available at her medical spa. If you are ready to seek treatment to restore the fresh, supple skin of youth, or enhance some aspect of your face or body appearance, expect VIP treatment, from start to finish.

Discover SelfE

SelfE is a free app that recognizes and analyzes symptoms of facial aging and provides feedback on how one can take the proper steps towards rejuvenating their skin.

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Dr. Sheena Kong's Philosophy
Dr. Sheena Kong's Philosophy
Dr. Sheena Kong's Philosophy

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