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Smartlipo TriPlex in Downtown San Francisco

Liposuction is an effective way to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat, but some people do not like the associated risks and recovery time. The laser-assisted Smartlipo TriPlex is a great alternative to the San Francisco liposuction procedure; it is less invasive than conventional liposuction, and therefore less risky and easier to recover from. Harvard-trained physician Dr. Sheena Kong is proud to offer Smartlipo in San Francisco, in addition to other advanced medical spa services and laser treatments to her patients.

San Francisco SmartLipo

Patient Testimonial

I like Dr. Kong. She is a competent and caring doctor. I went to her for my Smartlipo procedure. Now with a flat and tight abdomen, I am very happy with the result. Dr. Kong has an artistic eye and she is also quite fashionable – a modern female doctor.

I am glad that I made the right decision then to have laser lipo by Dr. Kong.

Liposuction San Francisco

Dr. Kong's Inside-Out Neck Lift on ABC News

What Does Smartlipo Treat?

The Smartlipo TriPlex system comes in three different wavelengths, which can be used independently or blended for different results. Our San Francisco Smartlipo procedure liquefies fat, coagulates the tissue and tightens the skin for a dramatically slimmer and smoother contour, with very little bruising and downtime. Smartlipo TriPlex is considered by medical experts to be the standard of care in laser lipolysis systems.

New tummy tuck helps remove fat, lessen scar appearance

Our caring and compassionate staff is not only well-educated and expertly trained, but also committed to ensuring complete patient comfort. They are adept at easing any concerns, relieving anxiety and helping our patients to feel great about the way they look. Our team recognizes that image is important, but self-image and confidence is essential. We hope that through treatments like Smartlipo, our San Francisco & Bay Area patients attain a greater sense of confidence. Smartlipo smooths out lumps and bumps, slims areas of excess fat and makes the body look healthier and fitter. *

Smartlipo Q&A

Many people have questions and concerns about body sculpting, including Smartlipo. Dr. Kong is committed to educating her patients on how each treatment works, what to expect, and any risks. Her focus is on providing the least invasive procedures to achieve better results and a faster recovery. If you have questions about Smartlipo, schedule a private consultation with Dr. Kong. For answers to some basic questions, read the below.

Liposuction Bay Area

Is Smartlipo right for me?

Every person has a unique body shape – and unwanted, unsightly fat deposits. We offer a range of treatments, including Smartlipo, one of the latest generation of body sculpting systems. The difference lies in the fact that the treatment is far less invasive than the traditional San Francisco liposuction procedure. The fat to be removed is emulsified (broken down into smaller particles) prior to extraction, allowing for a greater quantity to be removed. Smartlipo can be performed with only local anesthetic, and recovery is faster than older methods. Typically, the best candidate for Smartlipo treatments is in good overall health, and is living with one or more areas of fat that have not responded to diet and exercise. If you think you could benefit from this treatment, visit Dr. Kong's SF med spa for some of the best results from SmartLipo Bay Area residents can rely on.

Is Smartlipo safe?

Any procedure can carry some risk, and the most important way to avoid risk is to have the procedure performed by a licensed medical doctor. Dr. Kong is a board-certified doctor of internal medicine, and has many years of experience in body sculpting techniques. She focuses on patient health and safety at every step of the process. People who run into problems have often gotten the treatment at a beauty spa rather than from a licensed practitioner.

How is Smartlipo different from traditional Liposuction?

There are several differences between Smartlipo and traditional liposuction. With Smartlipo, there is no need to be "put under" with general anesthetic, which carries its own risks. Secondly, traditional lipo, although effective, can leave the person with lumps and bumps or unsightly sagging skin. Smartlipo has the advantage of tightening the skin, reducing the risk of dimpling and sagging after treatment. The healing time is also much faster.

Does Smartlipo work for weight loss?

A good candidate for Smartlipo is at a stable, healthy weight, as it is not a weight loss procedure. The system was developed to remove fat deposits that won’t leave, no matter how hard you exercise or how carefully you manage your diet. Of course, as fat and body tissue has been removed, there will be some measure of weight loss, but the procedure was developed to sculpt the body into a more pleasing shape by removing excess fat from the targeted areas. Dr. Kong's Smartlipo typically helps you to lose several inches, more than pounds.

What parts of the body can be treated with Smartlipo?

While traditional San Francisco liposuction techniques should not be used on certain body areas, Smartlipo is more flexible. The cannula (a medical device similar to a small, hollow needle) used in the system is far smaller, as the fat is liquefied prior to extraction. Areas that can be treated include cheeks, chin, jowls, neck, knees, ankles, back, and others. As the system uses a laser to liquefy the fat, it has the advantage of sealing the capillaries, which means a much shorter recovery time. Another benefit is that it builds more collagen fibers that provide structure to your skin, for a tighter, healthier appearance.

How does SmartLipo differ from CoolSculpting?

At the end of the day, the difference between SmartLipo & CoolSculpting in Bay Area comes down to two elements: The time it takes to reach final results & being comfortable with minimally invasive surgery. CoolSculpting takes some time, maybe a few months, until all of the frozen fat cells melt away to reveal the beautiful contours underneath. Laser liposuction can show results immediately because it does require minimally invasive surgical methods. While healing & recovery is far less intense in comparison to a traditional surgical liposuction, there is some healing time involved. CoolSculpting does not require a single surgical incision, so you can return to work and every day activities immediately after your procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Kong will help guide you to the right procedure that will help you achieve your cosmetic goals while staying within your preferences.

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