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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

Dear Patients:

Our office has been open since June 15, 2020. We consider the well-being of our patients and staff as our highest priority and it is always best to take sensible precautions during a time like this.

Our staff have all been vaccinated, and we have had no single case of COVID-19 due to our strict protocols. We have an extensive level of cleaning and sterilization between patients for your safety while in-office. I appreciate your efforts in keeping our practice a safer place!

Please note the following in regards to all patient appointments:

We are asking patients who experience any of the following symptoms to self-quarantine and cancel their appointments: fever, shortness of breath, change of sense of smell or taste, runny nose, sore throat, coughing, chest pain, any direct contact with Covid-19 positive individual(s). COVID-19 testing is no longer required for certain procedures for fully vaccinated patients.

We do provide a Virtual Consultation for your convenience: Virtual Consultation if needed, but we strongly recommend taking advantage of our in-person consultations since those are most effective for meeting with Dr. Sheena Kong or Colette Janes.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you to our office!

Kindest Regards,
Dr. Sheena Kong

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Colette Janes

Colette Jane

Colette Janes joined Dr. Sheena Kong's Med Spa practice in 2017. She works closely and under the expertise of Dr. Kong to help patients that are looking for body contouring treatments. This includes services such as Coolsculpting, Emsculpt and Ultherapy.

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Coolsculpting Expert

Colette has many years of experience working with Coolsculpting even before joining Dr. Kong's practice. She started administering Coolsculpting treatments around the time when it first became available. She has completed advanced training in Coolsculpting and is certified as an Advanced Coolsculpting Provider.

With her knowledge of coolsculpting, human anatomy, and previous personal experience in yoga and fitness training, Colette has great insight in what her patients want, and how to help her patients achieve the body contouring goals they desire. She often combines Coolsculpting with Alastin body treatments and Emsculpt to enhance the shape, muscle tone and aesthetics of the areas being treated.

Emsculpt Body Sculpting

In addition to Coolsculpting, Colette enjoys performing Emsculpt treatments to help sculpt and build muscle tone in areas of the body. She has received multiple levels of training with the Emsculpt technology since the launch of Emsculpt in the U.S.

Ultherapy Skin Tightening

For Ultherapy, she has undergone rigorous training and she is capable of performing Ultherapy at three different depths using ultrasound. Under Dr. Sheena Kong’s direction, Colette has mastered the artistic touch when performing Ultherapy, where she maximizes the results while minimizing any downtime or discomfort.

Skin Expert & Patient Care

Trained to become a licensed medical aesthetician initially, Colette has had a wealth of knowledge in the skin of the face, skin care, and various facial treatment modalities. She has also had experience as a patient care coordinator and had previously led a medical spa to great success with her management skills. Colette is warm, professional, conscientious and hardworking. She is always striving to provide the best results and experience to her patients.

Patient Testimonials

"I started with Colette with CoolSculpt, then I went straight to slim and tone. Loved my slime and tone treatment. Getting ready for the beach...Colette is god."

"Colette is an expert at Coolsculpting. I am a former representative of ZELTIQ (maker of Coolsculpting) and a person that has trained hundreds of Coolsculpting operators throughout California, and I can say that Colette's skills are bar none. She is professional, compassionate, and really addresses her patient's concerns. She has a unique ability to make her patients feel good about themselves while getting the job done expertly. I give her my highest recommendation without reservation." -Loril, Former CoolSculpting Trainer

"I came here for Coolsculpting, on the medical side of the spa, and was blown away by the friendliness and expertise of the entire staff! Colette did my Coolsculpting on my lower abdomen and she could tell I was nervous at first, and suggested I take some deep breaths. She made sure I was okay throughout the process and even brought me peppermint candy - which really helped my nerves! She made my experience SO comforting, she is a true sweetheart and it shows that she loves what she does and really loves seeing her clients happy. It's only been a month and I am already seeing results!! I will definitely be back for more!!" -D.T.

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Meet Colette Janes
Meet Colette Janes
Meet Colette Janes

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