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Cellulite is a skin condition that bothers almost all women above the age of 20. Your skin starts looking mottled and lumpy due to the presence of cellulite on your body. This not only detracts from your beauty but leads to a loss of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Till recently, there has been no medication or treatments designed to rid the body of cellulite, forcing women around the world to cover up their bodies in shame. But now, those days of embarrassment and discomfort are over. Say hello to our San Francisco Cellfina® treatment, a revolutionary treatment, designed to target and destroy cellulite in the body.

Dr. Sheena Kong, MD is a board-certified internal medicine physician who has extensive experience in the field of minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Her latest treatment Cellfina® has helped hundreds of women in the Bay Area, California regain their youthful and beautiful selves.

Through the Cellfina® treatment, you can regain a firm and shapely body; and with that your lost self-confidence and happiness. Contact Dr. Kong’s clinic for more information regarding the cellulite reduction treatment. You can also take a look at our gallery, to see some of the work we have done in the past.

Cellulite Removal Treatment By San Francisco’s Leading Plastic Surgeon

Cellulite can range from very mild to extremely severe and can cause deep depressions and lumps on the person’s body, making the skin look ungainly. Our Bay Area Cellfina® treatment is one of the best treatments for reducing the occurrence of cellulite on your body.

The Treatment Procedure

Cellfina San Francisco

All of the treatments provided by Dr. Sheena Kong, MD are highly couture and are designed to suit your specific requirements. After the initial consultation, Dr. Kong will create a customized treatment plan to target the cellulite in your body.

First, the doctor will mark the areas of the skin where the concentration of cellulite is the highest. Next, the Cellfina® platform is applied to the marked area of the skin. This platform helps the plastic surgeon inject the required chemicals into the body to treat the cellulite. A suction device in the platform vacuums up the area of the skin and allows doctors to focus their treatment on specific areas of the body.

Cellulite occurs when smooth bands of fat that lie underneath your skin bunch up and push through to the surface, causing lumpy bands and dimples. These fibrous bands of fat have to be evened-out to reduce the cellulite. Once the platform is applied, a very thin needle is used to make a tiny incision in the skin. Next, the suction is engaged and a specialized instrument with a thin needle is inserted to release the bunched-up cellulite bands.

Once the cellulite bands are released, the layers of fat fall back to their original position leaving behind a smooth and unblemished skin. The entire procedure is almost pain-free. The Cellfina® platform is designed for patient comfort. Once the numbing serum is injected, patients recall not experiencing any pain during the procedure.

Post-Treatment Recovery

As with all cosmetic procedures, there may be minor bruising, tenderness, bleeding and swelling post-treatment. But, these will disappear within a day or two. Recovery time is less than a week. Dr. Kong will develop a post-procedure recovery plan for you based on your specific requirements. Be sure to follow her instructions carefully for a fast recovery.

Benefits Of The Cellfina® Treatment

  • Non-Invasive, Effective Fat Removal
  • Non-surgical, minimally invasive technique
  • Reduce cellulite within minutes
  • Smooth-out and tighten the skin
  • Extremely short treatment time
  • Extremely short recovery period
  • No need for post-treatment medication in most cases
  • Negligible post-treatment bruising
  • Long lasting results for up to three years

Dr. Sheena Kong, MD is one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in California. With her at your side, you can be sure to get natural-looking, flawless, cellulite-free, shapely bodies in no time. Contact us to schedule a consultation for one of the best treatments of Cellfina San Francisco has to offer.

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Cellfina San Francisco
Cellfina San Francisco
Cellfina San Francisco

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