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As they age, both men and women can experience hair loss at an alarming rate. It's not a problem anyone expects to face until later in life, but countless men and women notice their hair beginning to thin while still in their thirties, or even younger. When unexpected hair loss robs you of your youthful appearance and self-confidence, what can you do? Multiple treatment options exist, from hair implants to prp hair restorations and laser hair restoration treatments. One advanced system has proven to produce noticeable results, and takes place in the comfort of your own home. If you think you would be interested in this in-home alternative to hair restoration, visit Dr. Sheena Kong at her medspa in San Francisco.

How the Theradome Works

The Theradome is a comfortable helmet that delivers laser hair restoration treatment directly to the scalp when placed on the head and activated. These lasers stimulate the hair follicles to reduce hair loss using four main factors:

  • Effective cold laser technology. Lasers are the only light form capable of penetrating the scalp to a depth of 3-5 mm, the depth necessary to effectively stimulate the hair follicles. Specialized cold laser technology ensures stimulation of the mitochondria (the natural powerhouse of the cell) in follicle cells to stimulate renewed growth.

  • The power of red light. Red light is the only type of light that human tissue can effectively absorb, and no other color of light is capable of successfully targeting hair follicles. The wavelength of red light used in hair restoration can only vary by about 8 nanometers to be effective, so Theradome's lasers are ultra-precise, staying within the narrow range needed to stimulate natural hair regeneration.

  • Optimal energy dosage. As with any medical intervention, the energy used must fall within a certain range to be safe and effective. Theradome produces the right level of therapeutic energy shown by research to be effective in increasing hair growth and density.

  • Greatest benefit in smallest timeframe. The laser technology of Theradome is optimized so that the maximum therapeutic benefit can be achieved in just twenty minutes. Two 20-minute sessions per week are the recommended treatment for maximum results.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on hair implants that may or may not work and often look unnatural, leaving scars, or choosing a treatment modality that requires frequent trips to the doctor's office to maintain, why not try Theradome? After a simple, one-time purchase, you'll have everything you need to have ongoing hair growth regeneration treatments without leaving home. And the Theradome is so convenient and comfortable, you can even multitask while you wear it, with no time lost out of your busy day.

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Theradome San Francisco
Theradome San Francisco
Theradome San Francisco

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